Karisa is a life-long learner and loves to discover and explore. She graduated as one of a small number of women in electrical engineering and worked in the technology for 15 years. She was a pioneer and a leader in the then-nascent world of enterprise software and enjoyed discovering the world while globalizing and implementing financial systems. She built and lead teams in various high-tech and software companies integrating products as well as personalities and cultures. She learned to trust herself, stay focused through turmoil, and never lose curiosity.

Karisa’s intense pace and long hours made her long for more balance in her life. This lead led her on a path of discovery to explore what it met to have a balanced, healthy life. She became a certified Pilates Instructor, Cranial Sacral Therapist and Mindfulness Coach. On the journey, she created new options, continually got clear about what she wanted, and focused her energy on creating a more satisfying, healthier and more balanced life.

Seven years ago Karisa was became ill; her life imploded. She began the process of rebuilding herself and a life that was more sustainable. During the rebuilding, Karisa deepened her coaching and Cranial Sacral skill studying Leadership Embodiment and Biodynamic Stillness. Using her Pilates, Cranial Sacral, coaching and keen management skills, Karisa was able to heal herself and rebuild.

More recently, Karisa has been building a sustainable coaching practice to inspire others to live into their dreams in real and practical ways. She is committed to continually exploring healthy option and new pathways to create an inspiring life for herself and her clients.

Karisa’s strength is to see people’s power and hold a space where they can grow into their potential. Her experiences have given her the gift of helping people navigate extremely difficult situations in life. Her passion is unlocking success in others that allows them to grow into a place of thriving.

Transform yourself and the world transforms with you.

As you work with yourselves, you increase your capacities and are more able to take on challenges with grace and dignity.  When you show up as the best versions of yourselves, you create opportunities for others.  Working to create change for yourself will help you transform not only yourself but also the world around you.


Success comes when mind, energy and body are aligned.

Have you had times when you have been in “flow” – everything was working easily?  Often we are not sure why.  We believe you can learn to create flow for yourself.  Working with yourselves through your mind, with your energy and in your bodies creates powerful shifts.


Realizing your purpose and clearly defining your vision inspires action.

Get clear about where you would like to go and who you would like to be and the universe will align to get you there.  Actions can create happiness in the moment, and aligning those actions with our deepest desires defines your purpose and creates inspiration.


Know your truth and act from it

When youknow clearly what is true for you, you act in inspired ways.  You live in choice and freedom creating the world that you want.


Leading an inspired life focuses energy and creates momentum in every area of your life

When you identify what you want clearly, you are more able to focus your attention, intention and energy on creating that in your life.  Once you begin to move in a direction, you begin to create momentum.  Once in motion, it is easier to continue and grow momentum.

“I took ‘Work with Yourself in Sales’ and I am thrilled that I kicked the year off with this training. It shifted my whole attitude about sales. I’m a strong business person, but never felt my core competency was sales. Now instead of dreading making sales calls, I just have fun with it. So far the results blow my mind. I set a lofty goal to double my sales. As of the end of Q1, I am 10% above my goal for the quarter and I’m at 120% more sales than Q1. Using the simple tools Work with Yourself teaches will change your attitude and results.”
Laurie Zerga, Founder and Chief Culinary Officer, Chef-K, Culinary Health Education for Kids.
"Karisa and Anna have changed the way that I think about Sales. I was skeptical about taking another sales course but “Work with Yourself in Sales” has transformed my thinking. I see more clearly the places I hold myself back and have gained new skills to expand into a better relationship with my clients. "
Robert Craig